Dog Kennelling & Dog Food Rates

If you are planning to board your dog at the Arctic Chalet Dog Kennels during your holidays please read the following contract. You will be asked to fill out this form at the time that you bring your dog. Please bring all of the necessary information and items with you. Our boarding kennels are outdoor pens with a dog box filled with straw. We also have one pen with a slightly heated and well insulated dog box for the larger dogs that are accustomed to being outside for a portion of the day. You will need to bring dry dog food that your dog is accustomed to eating. It should be in a container with a lid if possible rather than in a bag. If this supply runs out we will sell you a bag of our own dog food. We also sell high quality dog food here if you are interested in purchasing food from us.

Prices are subject to change without notice.


$70 INUKSHUK 32/32 for puppies & lactating mothers (high fat/high protein)
$65 INUKSHUK 26/16 for most pet dogs
GST is included if paying by cash - extra if paying by credit card.


$25 per day per dog staying in our outdoor kennels
$40 per day for two dogs sharing an outdoor kennel
$35 per day for an indoor dog staying in a heated dog box or inside the house

10% discount for dogs staying one month or longer

GST is extra

Dog Boarding Contract

download and print contract

Arctic Chalet Ltd.
Box 1099
Inuvik, N.T.
X0E 0T0
(867) 777 3535

This is a contract between Arctic Chalet Ltd.
and the Owner Client named here: _____

· The Arctic Chalet Ltd. agrees to exercise due and reasonable care to keep the premises clean. The dog(s) is to be fed as per instructions on this form, and to be housed in clean quarters. The dog(s) will be walked daily, or as often as possible.

· Incoming dog(s) is to have current Town of Inuvik dog tags if the owner resides in Inuvik.

· All dogs are boarded and cared for without liability on the part of Arctic Chalet Ltd. for loss or damage from disease, death, running away, theft, fire, injury to persons, other dogs or property by said dogs or other unavoidable causes.

· If the dog(s) becomes seriously ill, the owner will be notified in case no particular veterinarian has been designated. If the owner does not inform regarding measures to be taken, or if the state of the dog(s) health reasonably demands urgent attention, the kennel will have the right to call the vet or administer medication or give other advisable attention, within discretion and judgment of Arctic Chalet Ltd.. Such expenses will be paid by the owner upon receipt of the said dog(s).

· If Arctic Chalet Ltd. is not contacted within two weeks of expected date due back, the dog(s) is considered abandoned and Arctic Chalet Ltd. has the right to put the dog up for adoption or sale or humanely dispose of said dog(s) and to apply receipts from sale against outstanding boarding bills.

· The owner is required to supply food in a suitable container to keep their dog(s) on its accustomed diet. If the dog(s) runs out of food, Arctic Chalet Ltd. will provide food from its own stock and charge the owner for 1 bag of dog food, the remainder of which belongs to the owner.

· The owner is required to supply an up-to-date vaccination certificate, which includes DA2P&PV, rabies and the Bordetella Vaccine.

I agree to the above conditions.

Signed: ____________________________________________________
Name of Owner or Authorized agent (PRINT): ______________________
Date: ________________________
Arctic Chalet Ltd. Representative: _______
Name of Owner: Home Phone: _________
Mailing Address: _____________________________________________
Holiday Destination: ___________________________________________
Emergency Contact Name: ______________________________________
Emergency Telephone Numbers: __________________________________
Name of Dog(s): ______________________________________________
Age(s): _____________________________________________________
Breed(s): ____________________________________________________
Neutered/Spayed/In Heat: _______________________________________
Health: ______________________________________________________
Allergies or Medical Concerns: ____________________________________
Date of Vaccinations: ___________________________________________
DA2P&PV: __________________________________________________
Rabies: ______________________________________________________
Bordetella: ___________________________________________________
List of Articles and Food with Dog(s): _______________________________ ____________________________________________________________
Feeding Schedule and Instructions: __________________________________
Amount of Food per Feeding in Cups: ___________
Date in: ___ Date Out:
Total days Boarded __________X Rate per day $__________= $__________
Dog Food Expense:$__________ Other Expenses:$ __________
Sub Total =__________ GST:$__________ Deposit Paid: $__________
Balance due: $__________

Dog received back in good order: YES__________ NO__________
Signature of Owner or Rep: ________________________________