Welcome to The Arctic Chalet Resort!

Olav and Judi Falsnes
25 Carn Street
Box 1099
Northwest Territories
Canada, X0E 0T0
Olav and Judi

Northern Lights Open Year Round
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Judi and Olav

Northern Lights over the
"Little Trapper" cabin in January

Our Log Home


Fireweed / Mountain Avens Cabin

Little Trapper

Cloudberry Cabin

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Olav is a retired aeronautical engineer, licensed aircraft mechanic and bush pilot who worked in the arctic for more than thirty-five years and has flown tourists to the North Pole four times! In his early twenties Olav immigrated to Canada from his homeland in Norway after attending a private college in Great Britain. As a young boy his favorite hobby was building model airplanes and later models which he could fly, often crashing them and then patiently putting them back together. Winning competitions now and then made it all worthwhile. By the time he was 15 he was an honest to goodness pilot flying gliders and learning how to build real airplanes which he still enjoys doing in his spare time. Olav is no longer flying commercially but he still does enjoy flying with Judi in his spare time.

Judi is an American who was born in Switzerland where she spent the first six years of her life. The following eight years were spent growing up with her missionary family in Montevideo, Uruguay where she spent lots of time riding horses on the beach and playing with her dog. The countless hours spent training her Boxer to do tricks and teaching him to be obedient prepared her for something that was beyond her wildest dreams; training her own huskies in the Arctic for dogsledding adventures.

We can truly say that we love life, enjoy what we do and feel that it is a privilege to be able to live right here in the beautiful Canadian Arctic. Please allow us to be your hosts during your brief stay.

Judi and Olav Falsnes

A "special destination"
for Corporate Travelers and Tourists alike!

The Arctic Chalet is a beautifully landscaped Eco-friendly, non-smoking tourist establishment located in the Canadian Arctic on the outskirts of Inuvik, Northwest Territories. We provide full-service cabin accommodations that are clean and comfortable in a uniquely northern setting in the heart of nature. You will be within walking distance of Inuvik (1.5 km)and will have access to our town shuttle service or a rental vehicle. You will also have access to our wireless high speed internet, TV & telephone. At the Arctic Chalet you will have the comforts and conveniences that you are looking for.

We invite you to let us accommodate you as a CORPORATE TRAVELER on business in Inuvik or as a TOURIST looking for a great place to spend some holiday time. Our guests keep telling us how much they like our homey rooms, comfortable beds and charming environment. We hope you will also find yourself at home here at the Arctic Chalet and come away with a unique northern experience unavailable elsewhere.

Our cabins

A Cozy Bedroom

Each of our log cabins is divided up into 2 or 3 completely separate units for privacy. These are clean, NON-SMOKING ROOMS with either a queen or double bed. Some rooms have an additional single bed for twin or triple occupancy. Each room has satellite T.V. and telephone. Most units have private bath and a kitchenette with dishes and cookware. The two upstairs rooms in our log home share bath and toilet facilities and a kitchenette. One of these rooms has a large balcony with a nice view over the property and lake.



In each kitchenette we provide coffee makers with coffee and also an assortment of teas, hot chocolate and juice. Our breakfast is simple and you prepare it yourself whenever you are ready to wake up in the morning. We stock the cupboards with foods that keep well such as cereals, regular powdered milk & soy milk, rye crisp, margarine and jam, canned fruit & oriental noodles. Nothing fancy. Just plain and simple. Sorry, we do not have a dining room available to guests.


We also have a really special cabin that is very private, spacious and a little more deluxe than our regular cabin units. In addition to private bath this cabin has a double shower, a queen bed and a full kitchen as well as an outdoor porch with a propane barbecue. We call this one our “TWILIGHT CABIN” or honeymoon suite.

SMOKING is permitted on outside porches only providing cigarette butts are properly disposed of into metal cans.

PETS are allowed only in designated rooms. Please let us know if you have a pet.

A GUEST LAUNDRY facility is available.

We offer AIRPORT SHUTTLES for our fly-in guests at a reduced cost. We suggest that you book the shuttle when you book your accommodations.

We can also book your FLIGHTS FROM EDMONTON OR WHITEHORSE at a better rate.

New! We are now offering tour packages that include accommodations, meals, guided tours, courtesy vehicle, & flights into Inuvik from either Whitehorse or Edmonton. We will also customize a tour package for you if you let us know what your interests are. These tours are now available!
Please click on "Tours" on the navigation bar or here to see the tour packages.


RENTAL CARS & Trailers

7-passenger Durango with Arctic Chalet
4X4 7-passenger Dodge Durango
$100 per day
4X4 Dodge Megacab
$120 per day
4x4 Jeep Cherokee
$90 per day

Enclosed Trailers $100/day
Flat Deck Trailers $85/day

Dog Sledding & Infos for Dog Lovers

Puppies Galore

For dog lovers, we have about 30 beautiful WHITE HUSKIES that love to be petted and brushed or go for walks. And sometimes we are blessed with a litter of cuddly playful puppies just waiting for some attention. Occasionally we have PUPS FOR SALE. You might want to get on Judi’s puppy list.

And by the way, all of our dogs are trained to be quiet at night as we hope you are!"

Adopt a white husky


If you are interested in owning one of our beautiful huskies as a pet or for your own recreational dog team pleaseclick here.

Winter DOG SLEDDING is a favorite activity right here at the Chalet. Explore our beautiful trails with our own all-white Siberian/Malamute huskies. Learn some of the ins and outs of driving your own small dog team on Judi’s popular short dog sled tour. This is a unique and fun experience and a “must do” if you visit the arctic during our snow season.

Check out our website at:

Canoe and Dogs

Friendly Huskies

Sled Dog

Our Snow White Puppies

Employment Opportunities

Please contact us if you are interested in employment at the Arctic Chalet and would also like to volunteer in our dog sledding operations.

CANOEING is also available here at the Chalet. You can take one of our canoes out for a tranquil paddle or do a little fishing on Chuck Lake located just behind the cabins. Please be prepared to sign a waiver of responsibility before using one of our canoes.

KAYAK AND CANOE RENTALS, complete with accessories, are also available for those of you who want to plan a trip down one of our great northern rivers. Olav, a retired bush pilot with 30 years of flying experience in the arctic can help you plan your drop off and pick up points. We can also arrange your CHARTER FLIGHTS in and out of the rivers that you plan to paddle or raft and save you some money!

Canoeing on Chuck Lake

Rental Kayaks

Kayaking in the mountains


New! Now you can also book your tours with us!

We are offering the following summer tours with or without accommodations. Tuk Tours – Enjoy a scenic flight that includes a ground tour of the village of Tuktoyaktuk up on the Arctic Ocean. This tour is a must for anyone visiting Inuvik if you want the complete Arctic experience! Dempster Highway Road Tours – Travel to the Arctic Circle crossing and back with us as a day trip or take two days and spend more time taking pictures and wandering around in the mountains. See the beauty and the incredible vastness of this spectacular land up north. You can also book a one-way trip up the Dempster Highway from Dawson City.

For more tours and Snow Season Tours click on “TOURS” on the navigation bar. Arctic Chalet Tours.

Tour van Arctic Chalet

Dempster Highway Photos

Caribou along the Highway
Along the Highway
Arctic Circle Crossing
Autumn Colors in August,
Richardson Mountains
Inspiring Views
Wild Flowers in July
Rare encounter on Grizzly Ridge

We are always looking for volunteers to help us with our White Huskies and with other aspects of our business. We are offering free room and board and other benefits. If you have a passion for dogs and would like to experience living and working in the Arctic for several months please go to our VOLUNTEERS page.

We also have several beautiful White Husky sled dogs that need to go to loving retirement homes. If you would like to adopt one of these dogs please go to the web site for more information.