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Arctic Adventure Tours

Photo by Terry Parker

Looking for things to do in Inuvik?  We can give you the activities that you want both in Summer/fall and in Winter!  Here you can participate in some true Arctic adventures that will make your visit to Inuvik an adventure of a lifetime!

​​​​Summer Tours

  • Dempster Highway Tour Package from Whitehorse or Dawson City to the Arctic Ocean!
  • Driving the New Inuvik Tuk Highway to the Arctic Ocean in our rental or with a guide
  • Tuk village and Arctic Ocean tours with a cultural culinary experience
  • Flying Tours to Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean with a community tour.
  • Fly one way and boat one way from Inuvik to Tuk or Aklavik across the Mackenzie Delta.
  • White Husky Kennel Tours 
  • Summer Dog Mushing with the beautiful White Huskies
  • Hiking Tours
  • Flying Tours to Herschel Island​, a spectacular place to visit!
  • Please check out our Summer Tours Page

Herschel Island

Dempster Highway

Winter Tours

  • Dog Sledding at its BEST!
  • Driving the new highway to Tuktoyaktuk in our rental car or with a guide
  • Tuk Village and Arctic Ocean tours with a cultural culinary experience
  • Ice Road Tour across the Mackenzie River Delta and over to Aklavik
  • Guided Dempster Highway Trips
  • Tours to the Reindeer Herd
  • Snowmobiling to a cozy secluded Cabin for the day or overnight
  • Snowshoe to the Arctic Loon Cabin for the day or overnight
  • Package Tours that include all or some of the above
  • Check out our Winter Tours Page