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Dog Boarding Services

$25 a day for outdoor dog
$35 a day for indoor dog

We would be happy to board your dog anytime you wish for as long as you wish at our indoor/outdoor kennels where our White huskies live here at the Arctic Chalet.  We now have brand new kennels that are very efficient and comfortable for our dogs to live in.  The dogs are housed in chain link pens on a raised wooden floor.  Outdoor kennels have a dog box with straw.   The indoor dogs have access to our heated barn and can sleep inside at night and go in and out as they wish during the day.  We will walk your dog(s) twice a day during their stay and feed them their own dog food once or twice a day.  You will need to bring your dog food which should ideally be in a container with a lid rather than in a bag.   There is a contract that you must read and sign and your dog must be healthy and friendly enough to handle.  We will also need vaccination certificates that include updated copies of Rabies and Bordetella (kennel cough).  Puppies must have their puppy shots and also be up to date.   Pups are required to be vaccinated 3 times for Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza-Parvovirus starting at the age of 6 weeks and every 2 weeks thereafter. 

Arctic Chalet Ltd.
Box 1099
Inuvik, N.T.
X0E 0T0
(867) 777 3535

Dog Boarding Contract between Arctic Chalet Ltd.
and the Owner Client named here:     ________________________________

The Arctic Chalet Ltd. agrees to exercise due and reasonable care to keep the premises clean.  The dog(s) is to be fed as per instructions on this form, and to be housed in clean quarters.  The dog(s) will be walked daily, or as often as possible.
Incoming dog(s) is to have current Town of Inuvik dog tags if the owner resides in Inuvik.
All dogs are boarded and cared for without liability on the part of Arctic Chalet Ltd. for loss or damage from disease, death, running away, theft, fire, injury to persons, other dogs or property by said dogs or other unavoidable causes.
If the dog(s) becomes seriously ill, the owner will be notified in case no particular veterinarian has been designated.  If the owner does not inform regarding measures to be taken, or if the state of the dog(s) health reasonably demands urgent attention, the kennel will have the right to call the vet or administer medication or give other advisable attention, within discretion and judgment of Arctic Chalet Ltd..  Such expenses will be paid by the owner upon receipt of the said dog(s).
If Arctic Chalet Ltd. is not contacted within two weeks of expected date due back, the dog(s) is considered abandoned and Arctic Chalet Ltd. has the right to put the dog up for adoption or sale or humanely dispose of said dog(s) and to apply receipts from sale against outstanding boarding bills.
The owner is required to supply food in a suitable container to keep their dog(s) on its accustomed diet.  If the dog(s) runs out of food, Arctic Chalet Ltd. will provide food from its own stock at the rate of $5 per day or charge the owner for 1 bag of dog food, the remainder of which belongs to the owner when the owner returns to pick up the dog.
The owner is required to supply an up-to-date vaccination certificate, which includes DA2P&PV, Rabies and the Bordetella Vaccine.

I agree to the above conditions.

Signed:  _________________________________________

Name of Owner or Authorized agent (PRINT):     ______________________   

Date:   ________________________

Arctic Chalet Ltd. Representative:     ___________________________________

Name of Owner:    _______________________________________________   
Home Phone:          _____________________________            
Mailing Address:  _________________________________________________
Holiday Destination:    ________________________________
Emergency Contact Name:      ________________________________
Emergency Telephone Numbers:      ________________________________
Name of Dog(s):   ___________________________________________________   
Age(s):    __________________   
Neutered/Spayed/In Heat:    _____________
Health:   __________________________________    
Allergies or Medical Concerns:    
Date of Vaccinations: ______________________________________________
DA2P&PV:            __________________________________________________
Rabies:      _________________________________________ 
List of Articles and Food with Dog(s):  ________________________________
Feeding Schedule and Instructions:  __________________________________
Amount of Food per Feeding in Cups:  ___________

Date in: __________________          Date Out:  ________________  
Total days Boarded ________X Rate per day $___________= $_______________________
Dog Food Expense:$_______________ Other Expenses:$ ________ Sub Total $__________________

Total = $__________________   Less Deposit Paid: $_____________________
Balance due:  $_______________

Dog received back in good order:    YES                 NO

Signature of Owner or Rep:  _________________________________________

Adopt a White Husky

If you would like to adopt one of our sled dogs we can arrange that for you if you meet our standards to qualify.  We are always looking for good homes for our retired sled dogs or for the occasional dog that flunks out as a puller.  These dogs adapt well to any climate, with few exceptions.  Some of our dogs have gone to California in the USA, some have gone to Europe and some to South Africa.  So if they are going to live in a warm climate they just have to be able to let go of their warm undercoat and they do that every summer anyway right here in Inuvik.   Just in case you didn't know, Inuvik can be relatively hot in the summer!

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