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Husky School

People who come to the Arctic Chalet as volunteers will automatically be enrolled in our husky school program.  Volunteers working with our huskies under Judi's guidance will be given many opportunities to experience a wide variety of activities involving husky sled dogs and will learn a lot about these very special and unique dogs. 

Here are some of the things that you can learn while working with these beautiful husky sled dogs:

  • I will learn how to take care of these northern sled dogs which will involve:  grooming & nail clipping, supporting their emotional well-being, giving them first aid, feeding & exercising themand possibly learning how to vaccinate puppies.
  • I will also learn how to manage these dogs in situations where they could be acting aggressively with each other or fighting.
  • I will learn how to relate to each dog and understand it individually and will try to meet its needs as a caregiver.
  • I will be actively involved in their training both individually and in the dog teams.
  • I will learn how to prepare the dog teams for training runs and tours with customers both summer and winter.
  • I will learn how to prepare customers for their tours with the dogs.  This involves briefing customers on how to drive a dog team safely and gearing them up for traveling in the cold during winter months.
  • I will learn how to drive and maintain a snowmobile and a quad ATV four wheeler for use with the huskies.
  • I will learn how to “spot” which means being trained to follow the guest teams and to respond to any problems arising from the use of equipment or from the behavior of the dogs during any given training run or tour, summer and winter.
  • I may gain some experience guiding dog sled tours.
  • I will be highly involved in socializing puppies and raising them.
  • I will be eligible to adopt a husky if one becomes available

Puppies in training!

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