Summer Fun with Arctic Huskies
Dog Mushing & Kennel Tour offered daily
$35 per person
Morning runs with the dogs start at 8:30 am and finish at about 9:30 am.  Tour starts at the Arctic Chalet and is open to anyone that would like to come along although Chalet guests get a good discount!  You will be riding in one of our side-by side 4-seater ATVs while 8 huskies are running and pulling the ATV.  This is how we exercise our huskies in the summer so why not come along and watch the show.  This is also a great photo opportunity so be sure to bring your camera.  After the tour you will get to visit our kennels and meet all the dogs that got left behind on your tour!  Our dogs are friendly and love attention.  Just call us the night before the run to book a seat or you can show up just before 8 am at the Arctic Chalet office at 25 Carn Street. 

Flying Tours to Tuktoyaktuk

Our Tuk tours will blow you away!  We will give you a scenic flight and the best ground tour ever in Tuk. Our guide is very special because her permanent residence is still out there on the land.  She doesn't just talk about Inuvialuit traditions, she lives them and will share her knowledge with you.

Here is what you can expect on both tours that we offer:

Your guide will meet you at the Tuk airport and give you a driving tour of the village.  This includes visiting a replica of an authentic sod house, seeing the old mission boat, the little picturesque churches, the Trans-Canada sign and the welcome sign to Tuk where you can get your picture taken.  The highlight will be dipping your toe, feet or whole body into the Arctic Ocean for which you get a certificate.  Your guide will also show you her smoke house on the shoreline as well as her traditional tent where her husband will show you the polar bear pants which he wore on many hunting trips.  You will see other clothing made from traditional furs and see antlers and horns from animals that they  harvested out on the land.  

Important notice:

Sorry, but unfortunately, the ice house in Tuk has been closed to all tourists, most likely due to liability issues for the hamlet.  So do not expect to visit the  underground ice house on any visit  to Tuk.  Some web sites have not been updated with this information.

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Fly one way/Boat one way from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk  $750 per person

Boat trip includes a stop at a traditional whaling camp where you will enjoy some bannock and tea and learn about traditional whaling.


The Traditional Tuk Tour
On this tour you get your flight to Tuk and back and the two-hour ground tour described on this page.   Total tour time is 4 hours.
$585 per person

The Cultural Tuk Tour
This one gives you one extra hour in
Tuk with your guide for a visit to her home to eat a traditional meal.  This meal includes an authentic Inuvialuit caribou soup with bannock and a chance to sample other meats such as muskox, fish and whale prepared using traditional methods.  Your guide will also model her mother's beautiful parka with a sunburst hood and talk about traditional clothing.  Additionally, you will have
2 extra hours to explore Tuk on your own ​after your ground tour.  During this time you may be able to take a one-hour boat ride on the ocean, weather permitting.  We can arrange this a day or two  ahead of time. Price depends on group size. The minimum is four people.  Your guide will bring you back to the Tuk airport at 3 PM, one hour ahead of flight time.  
Departure from Inuvik:  9:30 AM or 3:30 PM
Departure from Tuk:  4 PM or 7 PM

Flight times are 30 minutes each way.
Total time is 6.5 hours.
If you take the later flights your tour in Tuk will be about 3.5 hours.
Price is $695 per person

Add $225 to this package and you can stay overnight.

2018 Guided Dempster Highway Tour Package

Dawson City to the Arctic Ocean!  (Popular side trip from Dawson.  Just park and come with us!)

Summer Tour Package $2600 + GST
Fly one way and drive one way from Dawson City to Inuvik & on to Tuktoyaktuk and the Beaufort Sea.
  Pick your dates.

This package gives you a Dempster road trip to Inuvik plus a drive all the way to the Arctic Ocean! Let us give you a trip of a lifetime without you having to worry about getting rock chips in your windshield or having to fix flat tires along the road. You will also understand more about what you see with our experienced guide and interpreter. All you have to do is sit back and relax and enjoy this amazing drive!

The land along the Dempster is a pristine wilderness almost entirely unspoiled by mankind and presents itself almost fresh from the hand of the Creator.  No wonder this drive is rated as one of North America's top ten drives!  The Dempster is 736 kilometres from the Klondike gold fields in the Yukon to Inuvik on the edge of the Mackenzie Delta in the Northwest Territories.  As Canada's most northern public highway it feels more like a very scenic back country road that stretches from the Yukon to Inuvik above the Arctic Circle.  The Dempster highway will take you through three spectacular mountain ranges, to the Arctic Circle, and across two rivers in the Mackenzie Delta. You will stop briefly in Fort McPherson before reaching Inuvik. From Inuvik you will continue your 140 kilometer journey the next day on the new Inuvik to Tuk Highway across beautiful wild Tundra to the remote Inuvialuit village of Tuktoyaktuk situated up on the Beaufort Sea in the Arctic Ocean.  In Tuk you will get a driving tour of the village with a stop at the beach for a dip in the Arctic Ocean.  You will also enjoy a traditional lunch in a native home.  We have our own dedicated Inuvialuit guide who lives in Tuktoyaktuk for the summer months but still has her permanent address out on the land in a remote area where she and her husband have been hunting and trapping for a living for many years.

Your guide will meet you at your hotel, campground or airport this morning and then you will start your drive up the Dempster Highway. Today you will see the Tombstone and Ogilvie Mountains and continue on to Eagle Plains, the half-way point on the Dempster Highway where you will spend the night. There will be time to stop and take pictures at inspiring view points periodically during the drive.

Now you will travel on to the Arctic Circle Crossing where you will have the chance to walk around and take some pictures at the sign with a spectacular backdrop of the mountains. We will spend most of our time in the beautiful Richardson Mountains looking for wildlife and taking in the spectacular scenery of this wild and remote wilderness. We will cross the Peel river and the Mackenzie river by ferry boat. You will continue your drive on to Inuvik where you will spend the next 3 nights in a comfortable full-service cabin unit.
Today we will drive you on the new Inuvik to Tuk Highway all the way to the Arctic Ocean. In Tuk you will get a tour of the Inuvialuit village of Tuktoyaktuk and enjoy a traditional lunch in a Inuvialuit  home.  This meal includes caribou or reindeer soup and bannock and also samples of muskox, whale, smoked fish etc.
Today you will fly across the Mackenzie Delta to the little village of Aklavik and return by air or by boat to Inuvik depending on group size.

This morning you can get a shuttle or take a courtesy car into town for some shopping before your airport transfer and flight back to Dawson City.

What’s included in this package? 

  • Two-day Dempster Highway road trip
  • Hotel at Eagle Plains on the Dempster
  • Mackenzie Delta flight
  • Day trip to Tuktoyaktuk on the new highway
  • Village tour of Tuk
  • A traditional meal served in a native home
  • Accommodations - 3 nights at the Arctic Chalet in a full-service cabin unit
  • Transportation to and from restaurants in town and/or a courtesy vehicle
  • Airport  shuttles
  • Your flight from Inuvik back to Dawson City

What’s not included in your package:

  • Most of your meals
  • Travel insurance

Important Notes

The package price is based on two people sharing accommodations in a standard cabin unit with kitchenette and private bath.  Let us know if you require 2 beds in your room.
The single supplement is $300.
An $840 non-refundable credit card deposit is required per person at the time of booking, and the balance is due 30 days ahead of your tour.
Tour groups range from 4-9 people.
We can add on your flight from Vancouver or Whitehorse to Dawson City at a pretty good  rate.If you are flying with Air North to Dawson City make sure you arrive the previous day, not the morning of your tour.  (In the case of morning fog in Dawson which would prevent the plane from landing you would still have time to take the afternoon flight and be ready for your tour the next day.  (Air North will let you know in Whitehorse on the day of your flight if there is fog in Dawson City.)
If any given tour in this package is not possible due to weather or unforeseeable circumstances we will do our best to substitute it for another activity. No refunds will be issued.
We highly recommend that you obtain travel insurance in case of a medical emergency.
Delays on the Dempster might occur if road conditions are poor or the ferries are unable to run. Please be flexible and patient. We will do our best to stay on schedule.

Important Notes  & Cancellation Policy for Flying Tours
Flying tours may be delayed or cancelled due to weather, mechanical issues or other factors. Remember, weather rules in the Arctic!
You will not pay for the flight if the pilots cancel your flight because of weather etc., unless your tour is part of one of our tour packages.  In this case, no refund will be given, but we will try to substitute this tour for another activity.
The time that your tour starts may change so please be flexible.
You will pay for the flight if your plane takes off with the intention of being able to land at its destination even if it can’t land due to unexpected weather or mechanical issues arising along the way (this is rare). Pilots always check weather before a flight so they can  get there and back under safe flying conditions.
Your ground tour in Tuk may be cut short due to approaching weather systems or other problems that may arise which are out of our control.  In this case refunds will not be given and our costs also remain the same.
Try to plan a little extra time into your schedule while traveling in the far north. We suggest that you plan for an extra day in Inuvik to compensate for the possibility of bad flying weather on the day of your tour.  Your flight might be rescheduled for the next day.
We are not allowed to book  the airplane until the day before your tour.  If a particular plane is not available we will try to make alternate arrangements for your flight.  
We ask you to please call us or stop by the Arctic Chalet the evening before your tour so we can discuss the departure time etc..
The time of departure may change at the last minute.  Make sure we can contact you regarding changes in scheduling.
Our cancelation policy is 24 hours before the scheduled flight time.
Tour prices do not include GST (5%)
The price that you agreed to pay will remain the same even if we add more people to your tour at the last minute.
There may be changes to your tour route or to the type of aircraft used or to the flying time.  Remember that we are doing all we can to give you the best tour possible.
 Please be patient, flexible and understanding of varying northern conditions.  We hope that you enjoy your adventure in the north!

Aklavik Fly & Boat Delta Tour
$525-$650 per person
GST extra

Fly from Inuvik to Aklavik over the beautiful Mackenzie Delta.  Then you get a 1-hr. community tour of Aklavik which is the birthplace of Inuvik and the burial spot of the infamous Mad Trapper of Rat River.   An experienced native guide will take you back to Inuvik by boat through 7 picturesque channels.  This two-hour boat ride gives you the chance to travel all the way across the Mackenzie Delta as the natives have for so many years.  You may also be able to add on a fish fry at a local bush camp in the Delta on the boat trip back to Inuvik.  Boats take 5-15 people.  Tour length is about 4-5 hours.   Tour is available mid-June to the  end of August.



$1150 per person plus GST (5%)
July & August
Trips planned:  

Sunday July 2 - full trip

Sunday July 9 - 2 seats left

Herschel Island is a Yukon Territorial Park located in the Arctic Ocean only a few kilometers north of Ivvavik National Park and the beautiful British Mountains.  This tour is the ultimate Arctic tour if you love nature, history and remote places!  July is the best time for observing flowers and birds.
You will be flying a very scenic route for about 1 hour from Inuvik to and from this beautiful little island in the Beaufort Sea. This flight offers you a great opportunity to view a variety of wild life along the way, such as moose feeding in the Mackenzie Delta, caribou grazing near the coast, beluga whales swimming in the ocean, grizzly bears and even muskox, some of which have been living right on the Island for several summers.
Upon landing you will be met by the park rangers who will give you a brief tour of the historical buildings reminiscent of the days when Herschel Island was a center for hunting the bow head whales. This is not only a place of historical value; it is a paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers.  The bird life is incredible with many birds nesting close to the buildings in early summer. Plants and wildflowers grow lusciously in this special environment which is conducive to plant growth.  You are given 2 hours to explore the island before returning to Inuvik.  All in all the tour is about 5-6 hours.  Group size is 4-15 people.

Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway Day Tour to the Arctic Ocean
Includes Arctic Ocean & Village Tour with an authentic Traditional Meal

$525 per person

Drive with us from Inuvik to the Arctic Ocean and Tuktoyaktuk!  This 140 kilometre  remote gravel highway is the first ever to link Canada from coast to coast to coast.  You will travel over some beautiful Arctic tundra around little lakes and small hills for about 2.5 hours.  Once you arrive in Tuk we will give you a village tour and the opportunity to visit an Inuvialuit family for lunch.  Enjoy an authentic culinary experience with traditional caribou or reindeer soup and fresh bannock as well as samples of various meats that have formed the diet of the Inuit of this area for centuries.  Our guide will also include a demonstration of furs and traditional clothing to complete this cultural experience, and to top it off you will get an Arctic Ocean Toe Dipping certificate!
Tour time:  8-9 hours

           Arctic Chalet  Ltd. &
Arctic Adventure Tours

Dempster Highway Day Tour

$685 per person

Enjoy a full day on the Dempster Highway.  Your guide will take you from Inuvik  to the Arctic Circle Crossing in the Yukon for an outstanding view of the Richardson Mountains.  You will cross two rivers on the way and spend the last hour of this 5 hour drive in the mountains before reaching the Arctic Circle.  Total trip will be about 10 hours.