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Sample of Summer Work Schedule
Volunteers’ Daily Schedule (Sunday through Friday)
Saturday is a day off except for feeding dogs at noon

Summer Schedule

8 am        Rise, shine & get breakfast.  Breakfast is a must!
8:30 am    Quick scoop of the pens & hitch up the dogs for morning exercise
9:30 am    Work at the kennels cleaning pens & feeding dogs
10 am    Misc. yard work or housekeeping and other cleaning duties etc.
1 pm        Lunch (30 minutes - 1 hour)  Depends on work projects
4-6 pm    Individual dog training and/or other work at the kennels
                    Feeding and cleaning

Winter Schedule

8 am        Rise, shine and have breakfast. Breakfast is a must!
9-10 am   Work at the kennels snow shovelling, cleaning pens & feeding dogs

10 pm      Misc. yard work or housekeeping, light office work and/or other cleaning duties etc.
1 pm        Dog sled tour, training or other work
2 pm        Lunch time (sometimes 30 min, but usually 1 hr)
5 pm        Clean the pens and feed the dogs or do it after a dog run.

Note:  These times are a guideline and may vary from day to day depending on tours going on (at times it can get a bit crazy so plan to be flexible!)

*These times are a guideline and may vary from day to day.

*Dog sledding and other tours may be scheduled morning or afternoon, depending on the time of year and sometimes will replace other work activities. .

Want to volunteer or be Employed at the Arctic Chalet? 

We currently have positions available for healthy, PHYSICALLY FIT employees & volunteer workers who are passionate about dogs and would enjoy living and working with us in the Arctic during the upcoming summer months.  One year positions with a $1200/month salary plus free accommodations are also available. 


To live and work in the Arctic is a wonderful adventure and for many has been an experience of a lifetime.  Staff will have the chance to attend cultural community events and participate in some of our adventure tours and may  also have the opportunity to  travel to other Arctic communities via the famous ice roads or by air in the summer.  Staff can enjoy campfires together, canoeing, skiing and skijouring and hiking right from the property.  We live in a land where nature is King. 

Our employees/volunteers will have the opportunity to learn some skills that are unique to cold northern climates such as learning to drive snowmobiles, walk on snowshoes and drive ATV 4-wheelers in summer with huskies pulling them.  They also get lots of experience driving dog teams in winter and skiers can take up skijouring with a husky.  We try to give everyone the best possible northern experience!

As owners of the business we also try to include our staff in some of our own family activities and adventures.  We enjoy having pot luck meals together and campfire outings, hiking and other activities.  We treat our staff well and are easy to get along with.

The Dogs & Kennel Work
Our White Huskies are a unique white, blue-eyed Arctic husky breed and are beautiful, intelligent, strong and have wonderful dispositions. There are 36 adults currently living in our kennel; all in need of many hugs and kisses!  These dogs are very well socialized and interact beautifully with people.   Staff will also help raise and take care of our puppies whenever we have a litter!  The experience to be gained here working  with our huskies is amazing!   

Our dogs live in a new kennel complex that makes working there very efficient.  Staff share the responsibility of taking care of our huskies and visiting dogs on a daily basis.   Sometimes we take on boarding dogs for people in the community.  Kennel duties include feeding, watering, cleaning pens and shoveling snow.  Staff will help with exercising and training the dogs individually and in teams.

In summer we exercise the dogs using 4-wheeler ATV s which sometimes includes taking tourists along for a short tour.  In winter we use dog sleds for training runs and dog sled tours.  Our staff help prepare guests for their tour and provide support on snowmobiles during the tours.  

Room and Board, Salary & WIFI
We will provide free housing, usually in a private room  which includes towels, bedding & all utilities. Staff members purchase their own groceries and cook for themselves in a shared staff kitchen stocked with dishes and cookware.  A food allowance is included for short-term volunteers without salary.  For those staying from mid-June to mid-September we are offering a monthly salary of $1000 this summer.  Staff also receive a limited amount of high-speed wireless internet each day (enough for emails) and a laundry facility is available for staff use.

As we live in a natural environment close to nature we would like to find staff who love the out-of-doors and have a healthy natural-looking physical appearance.  Employees should practice good hygiene and be clean, neat and tidy, non-smoking, non-drinking and drug-free with no visible tattoos, body piercings or radical hair styles.   A staff contract/agreement must be signed before starting work.  

Our volunteers should be hard-working and efficient workers who are mature, good team players, have a friendly personality, radiate  a positive attitude  and must be flexible with work and schedules.  We run a split schedule between yard work, cleaning guest rooms, doing other misc. jobs and working at the dog kennels. 

Although our property is only a couple of kilometers from the town of Inuvik, we prefer staff members who choose to spend most of their free time on the premises enjoying the natural environment around them.  We have complementary canoes, a lake right behind the cabins and the river close by  as well as nice walking trails.  (If you want to socialize and make friends in town, get a job in town!)

If you have some experience with animals or dogs in particular and can relate well to them, and if you are ambitious and have a spirit of adventure, love nature and enjoy being outside, this experience  and work opportunity may be perfect for you!

Before sending us your application please make sure you can afford the flights to Inuvik.  You will get the best prices with Air North out of Edmonton Alberta or Vancouver British Columbia and some other places they fly to.  Air North bases out of the Yukon in Whitehorse so you will most likely overnight there on your way north.  Go to the web site:

Please email us some recent photos of yourself along with a resume and a letter of introduction telling about yourself and why you would like to work here with us in the Arctic.