The Arctic Fun Package from Edmonton Alberta

$3,775  per person plus GST

This package includes your flight from Edmonton to Inuvik and back and a spectacular winter holiday in Inuvik!  Drive on an Arctic ice road right across the Mackenzie Delta through several beautiful river channels to  the sleepy little village of Aklavik nestled at the base of the Richardson Mountains.  Aklavik is the birthplace of Inuvik and the burial spot of the infamous Mad Trapper of Rat River.  We will also drive you on the new Inuvik Tuk Highway to the Arctic Ocean and the Inuvialuit settlement of Tuktoyaktuk.   This package also gives you some great dog sledding with our beautiful white huskies on scenic trails in the Mackenzie Delta with lunch around a campfire.  Then drive a snowmobile for about 1 hour to a secluded cabin in the heart of nature where you will be served lunch and relax by the wood stove;  (or we will do the driving).

Airport Welcome
Check in to an Arctic Chalet full-service cabin unit for 5 nights
Quick town tour
Full-day drive on the new Inuvik Tuk road all the way to the Arctic Ocean!
Ice road tour across the Mackenzie River Delta to Aklavik
Dog sledding tour with campfire & a hot lunch 
Snowmobile tour to the Arctic Loon Cabin (includes a light lunch at the cabin)
Morning shopping
Airport shuttle for your flight south

Included in this package are:

  • 5 nights accommodations in a cozy cabin unit
  • Use of snowshoes anytime during your stay
  • Town shuttles or courtesy vehicle to use between town center and Arctic Chalet
  • Airport shuttles
  • Guides, tours & equipment
  • Warm winter gear - For your outdoor activities we will supply a winter parka, snow pants and boots so you can stay warm while playing outside in the snow!
  • Meals in town are not included

A deposit of $500 will be charged to your credit card at the time of booking (non-refundable).  The balance  will be charged to your credit card 30 days ahead (non-refundable).

Notes:  Due to Arctic weather conditions such as wind storms etc. your tours on the ice roads could be delayed to another day because of road closures.  We will do our best to change your itinerary around as needed to accommodate weather changes.   In the event of a last minute cancellation of your package be prepared with insurance coverage.   We recommend that you purchase travel insurance for all of your travel in the north.

Winter is a great time to visit the Arctic in it's glory.  We offer many activities that you can enjoy in this wild and wonderful place above the Arctic Circle.  These activities include dog sledding, snowmobiling, aurora viewing, driving on the ice road, a cultural village tour of Tuktoyaktuk, a chance to celebrate the return of the sun after the dark days and snowshoeing.  The new Inuvik Tuk highway is now open connecting Canada coast to coast to coast!  Drive it yourself in one of our rentals or let us drive you there with an interpretive tour guide on a real tour.  Here are some of the packages that we  can offer you this winter.

           Arctic Chalet  Ltd. &
Arctic Adventure Tours

Mackenzie Delta Ice Road Tour
$350 per person plus GST tax

This tour gives you a spectacular drive right across the Mackenzie Delta to the little village of Aklavik, the birthplace of Inuvik and the burial spot of the infamous outlaw, the Madd Trapper of Rat River.   The ice road to Aklavik winds its way through several narrow river channels  in the Delta and crosses the main channel of the Mackenzie River.  You get a spectacular view of the mountains behind Aklavik as you get closer to the village.  In Aklavik you can see the Mad Trappers grave and see this sleepy little town that existed long before Inuvik was built.

New Highway Day Tour from Inuvik to the Arctic Ocean!
$500 per person plus GST

The new highway from Inuvik to Tuk is open.  Be among the first to travel on it.  This highway completes Canada’s link to road access from coast to coast to coast.  This gravel road winds its way 140 kilometers from the Mackenzie Delta over open tundra, around beautiful little lakes and hills all the way to the Inuvialuit village of Tuktoyaktuk up on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.  This tour also includes a cultural visit to an Inuvialuit home to enjoy an Inuvialuit   lunch plus a fur & traditional clothing demonstration.

Notes:  Due to Arctic weather conditions such as wind storms etc. your tours could be delayed to another day because of road closures.  Please allow an extra day or two in your travel plans.

2018 Sunrise Festival Package
$1,660 per person plus GST
Jan 3-8, 2018

We want you to come and celebrate with us!  Experience the dark days in the Arctic this year and see what it is really like to be in a place where the sun does not come up for a whole month.  You will be surprised with the beauty of our twilight season.  This package includes accommodations for 5 nights, a dog sled tour, an ice road tour, an overnight snowmobile trip with meals to the secluded Arctic Loon cabin, continental breakfast foods in your cabin's kitchenette, the use of snowshoes, a winter parka, snow pants,mukluks & fur mitts while snowmobiling & dog sledding and town and airport shuttles.  Note:  Restaurant meals in town, lunches or dinners prepared in your cabin are not included.

Wednesday January 3
Airport shuttle
Check into a cozy full-service cabin unit
Short dog sledding tour
Shuttle to a restaurant for dinner
Thursday January 4
Morning: visit the White Huskies, snowshoe, lunch in town
Afternoon: Snowmobile to the Arctic Loon Cabin
Dinner at the cabin
Northern lights viewing if skies are clear
Friday January 5
Brunch at the cabin
Snowshoe to a high point to see the sun rise (5 minute walk)
Return to Inuvik
Shuttle to a restaurant for dinner
Attend the start of the Sunrise Festival in the evening
Saturday January 6
Spend the day at the Sunrise Festival in town
Courtesy vehicle provided for the day

6 pm Bonfire and spectacular Fireworks!
Sunday January 7
Sunrise Festival pancake breakfast
Afternoon:  Visit the Ice Road Village & Husky Camp
Shuttle to a restaurant for dinner that evening 
Monday January 8
Short ice road tour
Check-out and Airport shuttle for return flight

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Dempster Highway & Arctic Dog Sledding Package with the "Kindred Spirits of the North"

March 20 - 28, 2018
$3,750.00 per person GST extra


Tuesday 20
Olav picks you up for Whitehorse to Dawson drive. Stay overnight in a nice hotel in Dawson City
Wednesday 21
Drive from Dawson to Inuvik, overnight (in a comfy full-service cabin)
Thursday 22
Dogsled to the Loon Cabin & overnight comfortably off the grid
Friday 23
Dogsled back to Arctic Chalet, overnight
Saturday 24
Rest day for Judi, Olav & dogs. You drive to Tuk and back in our rental car on the new Inuvik Tuk Highway.
Sunday 25
Dogsled to Jimmy Lake Island camp.  Overnight @ camp
Monday 26
Dogsled north in the area.  Overnight @ camp
Tuesday 27
Dogsled return to Arctic Chalet and Inuvik
Wednesday 28
Fly south back to Whitehorse (flight included)

The Dempster Highway can close at any time in the winter when there are high winds and drifting snow or for other problems. You will need some extra days built into your schedule to accommodate for these circumstances as there could be delays. There are no refunds if weather prevents any one of our activities or road trips, but we will provide you with an alternate activity if possible. If road conditions are bad between Whitehorse and the start of the Dempster Highway on the day that you are scheduled to start your drive north we may consider reversing your itinerary and fly you to Inuvik and drive you back down - or the tour may leave the next day.  An $800 non-refundable deposit per person will be required at the time of booking. The balance of the cost of the package will be due February 1st, 2018.

What’s included in this package?
A flight from Inuvik to Whitehorse
Airport shuttles and transportation to and from Inuvik
1 night accommodations in Dawson City
Accommodations at the Arctic Chalet & remote camps (7 nights)

Winter parkas, boots & snow pants

What is not included?
Meals and snacks
Travel/medical insurance

Reindeer/Ice Road Package
Visit to the Amazing Reindeer Herd

By Car and Snowmobile
$550 per person plus GST

Come on an exciting Arctic adventure to visit the spectacular Canadian Reindeer Herd in their winter grazing area. You will be driving your own snowmobile on this guided tour from Inuvik in the Mackenzie Delta up to the beautiful Arctic tundra where these animals spend the winter. The snowmobile trip is about 2.5 hours long or shorter if we drive you in a vehicle most of the way.  This trip gives you a chance to see some amazing open country above the tree line.  One of the reindeer herders will meet us and guide us to the herd where you can see 2,000 to 3,000 animals feeding and resting.  We will not be chasing the herd!  This is a really good photo opportunity that you will not want to miss.  To keep you warm we will supply a high quality winter anorak, windbreaker, snow pants, fur mitts and mukluks and we will give you some valuable tips on how you and your equipment can stay warm.  After visiting the herd we will take you to our winter island camp not far from the herd, to rest, have a hot lunch and warm up before the return trip.  (This tour is also available as an overnight camping trip where you will stay for one or two nights with an extra day or two of snowmobiling in this pristine environment.)

Overnight trip is $1,200 per person plus GST